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Cameron contracts Forship consultancy

Rio de Janeiro, May 24, 2017 - Regulatory support was provided to the drilling package in Wellhead Platform for the second phase of the Statoil Peregrino Project in the Campos Basin.

"We developed, for Cameron, an analysis covering all the Brazilian regulatory requirements applicable to the drilling package, both for the operator of the package and for the owner of the drilling unit. The analysis developed was readily accepted by Cameron ‘s technical staff", says Project Manager, Fabiano Tavares de Lima.

According to him, there are already talks with Cameron of expanding the scope of contracted services, aiming to prepare the unit to make it fit to operate in Brazilian waters, as well as support the adjustments that are necessary during the operation.

"The contracting of Forship to participate in this phase II unit of Peregrino, constitutes a milestone in the production of heavy oil and demonstrates the vocation of Forship to participate in emblematic projects and alongside large companies", celebrates Forship’s Project Manager.

Hence the company's expectation of winning new contracts, given the demand for regulatory support.  "In a scenario of the economy’s recovery and of the oil and gas industry itself in Brazil and worldwide, Forship's expertise in providing adequate compliance solutions is of great value", he concludes.

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