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Happiness was the theme of SIPAT 2016

Rio de Janeiro, December 29, 2016 - Cine Sipat was the great newness in the Internal Occupational Accidents Prevention Week

Aiming to raise workforce awareness regarding the significance of preventing accidents and disease risks, Forship Group delivered the 7th Internal Occupational Accidents Prevention Week (SIPAT) at Rio de Janeiro headquarters. Delivered in December, Sipat relied on Cine SIPAT for the first time, including the screening of three movies, all linked to a common theme: happiness.

The idea came from the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents (CIPA) meetings. "Health, safety and well-being are highly valued by the company, as expressed in its Management Policy. We realize that happy and conscientious employees will perform their job better, thereby contributing more effectively to our goals," as explained by Project Management co-worker and CIPA member Alexandre Fares.

"Cine SIPAT is a pleasant, distinct and economic way to bring to Forship Group employees such positivity messages and lessons that help promote reflection and inspire changes. A quick discussion was provided at the end of each session for an exchange of experiences among attendees," adds Marketing analyst and CIPA member Hannah Mignon.

Financial education and Ergonomics on the agenda

In addition to the Cine SIPAT, Project Management Advisor Alexandre Fares and Financial Manager Fabiano Coelho, both CIPA members, delivered a lecture on financial education. "This theme is directly related to the quality of life of workers, with reflections on the physical, mental and emotional health of each one," says Alexandre. The team also released videos on Ergonomics, which sets out procedures and postures to prevent recurring risks to workers health in offices.

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