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Operation in the northeastern coast

Rio de Janeiro, September 22, 2016 - New teams assigned to work in 24 OU-SEAL offshore platforms.

Starting from June 21, Forship Group entered a new contract with Petrobras to operate 24 production units installed in offshore fields Camorim, Caioba, Dourado, Guaricema and Robalo, all managed by Sergipe and Alagoas Exploration & Production Operations Unit (UO-SEAL). The company will be providing services that include cargo handling and maintenance of cranes, mechanical equipment and electrical and instrumentation systems on such platforms until December 18.


"The big challenge was mobilizing our team and starting the activities on the offshore units within only 14 days. This was possible thanks to the internal support from our bases in Carmópolis (SE), Recife (PE) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ)," said Forship Energy Vice-President Marco Fares. A 76-member crew from several places is engaged in this project. "In order to provide our client with the best service we mobilized local workforce with previous experience in the required activities," Marco Fares added.


This is the first time the company has a team on board OU-SEAL offshore platforms. Earlier this year Forship Group started the onshore Construction & Assembly of Bonsucesso Water Treatment Plant for this same operations unit designed for Carmópolis field. "By operating on these platforms we'll manage to both expand our presence in the region and achieve a more advantageous position for winning new contracts," says Forship Group Energy Vice-President.

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