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Five years of success in Maranhão

Rio de Janeiro, June 30, 2016 - Forship to celebrate five years providing services in strategic areas of the state.

Exactly five years ago, more precisely on June 13, 2011, Forship Group signed the first Work Order for the implementation of commissioning related management, engineering and planning services in railways.

A team coming from the Oil & Gas area sector started setting up the procedures for commissioning the expansion of Carajás Railroad (EFC), a railway in the state of Maranhão and operated by Vale S.A.

"Our São Luis (MA) branch was eventually established in response to this challenge", recalls Forship Deployment Manager Marco Kronemberger. In this partnership, Forship added its expertise in the commissioning of industrial plants to Vale's experience in building and operating railways

"Our initial assignment included commissioning a 110 km stretch within a two-year time frame out of the total 900 km of the project. Our operational base was then set up and on 30 June the same year we started our Maranhão branch", explains Kronemberger.


Plans for the coming five years

The company is investing in the training of the local workforce as a way to consolidate our presence in the region. "I can assure you that was the right decision. Our team is now frequently praised by the clients for their dedication and for the commitment in carrying out all activities". Says the manager.

Since that time our branch has already implemented four contracts within this project.

Today one more challenge is being placed to our team: entering a contract for another two-year period.  "This will extend our stay in São Luis to seven years, with the goal of reaching a decade of activities in the state of Maranhão". Says Kronemberger. "This was and will be possible thanks only to the productivity and reliability of our employees. Both those directly engaged in this project and those who work indirectly on behalf of it. May the challenges go on. They will make us grow more every day and thus achieve a new decade of presence in São Luis," he concludes.

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