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Forship Group to implement new Code of Conduct

Rio de Janeiro, March 2, 2016 - Forship Group to develop corporate guide and program designed to prevent and fight corruption and unethical conduct.

In line with best market practices, Forship Group launches a Code of Conduct intended to be applied in all companies in the group. "By creating a corporate Code of Conduct we reiterate our commitment to good business practices that pervade a management model based on ethics and clarity. This code does not propose anything new, but rather reaffirms principles that have been guiding Forship since its inception," highlights Forship President and CEO Fabio Fares. "It comes to add value, to support our growth and our unceasing pursuit of excellence," he says. This Code of Conduct, which is part of company's list of internal rules, is set up to be fulfilled in its entirety.

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