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Forship with a footing on the P-50 Platform - Contracts with Jurong and Aker Kva 01/12/2002Forship with a footing on the P-50 Platform - Contracts with Jurong and Aker Kvaerner to last 30 months See more

P-43 and P-48 Commissioning and Manuals 01/12/2002KBR, of the Halliburton group, has signed three contracts with Forship, involving the Petrobras platforms P-43 and P-48. Our engineers are in Singapore as leading specialists, accompanying the field supervisors in the execution of the pre-commissioning activities. The second contract is for provision of consulting services for management of the qualified manpower for execution of the physical activities of the commissioning. See more

Engineering for Integration 15/09/2002 See more

New contracts highlight Forship's presence in Singapore 01/09/2002New contracts highlight Forship's presence in Singapore See more

Forship in the Brazil-Bolivia Gas Pipeline 01/09/2002Strengthening its position in activities on terra firma, Forship has made a conquest in winning a contract with Mendes Junior to be executed on the Gasoduto Brasil-Bolívia. See more

Ibirité power station enters testing phase prior to commercial operation 15/06/2002On 5th May, at 16:50, the first stage of the Ibirité (MG) power plant, generating 160 MW in open cycle, was synchronized via the interlinking system with the national grid, with a charge of over 15 MW. According to information from Marcos Fares of Forship Engenharia, the company contracted by Fiat Engenharia, one of the partners in the joint venture, the unit almost reached its total capacity at 158 MW on 8th May. See more

Forship to execute commissioning for Ibirité thermal power station 15/01/2002In November, Forship Engenharia won its first contract for thermal power plants. Previously acting solely in the commissioning of petroleum production platforms, the company has altered course to broaden its curriculum, resulting in winning the contract for management, planning, programming and control of the commissioning activities of phase 1 (open cycle) of the Ibirité plant, owned jointly by Fiat (50%) and Petrobras (50%). The plant will supply energy to the Cemig grid as well as the Gabriel Passos (Regap) refinery and the Fiat assembly plant. See more

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