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Event - Forship Asia Inauguration 12/03/2007Forship Asia PTE. Ltd. (FSA), one of the companies in the Forship Group, was officially established and registered in Singapore on 30th June 2006. See more

Commissioning of the P-54 inspected with the support of Forship 10/05/2006To provide technical support for the inspection of the commissioning activities of the floating production, storage and petroleum export unit, FPSO P-54 – this is the scope of the contract that Forship signed with Petrobras (Unidade de Negócios Rio – UN Rio [Rio Business Unit]). See more

HMS Web 3.0 - A system matured for the market 09/05/2006At the beginning of 2006, with new important functionalities, Forship Engenharia concluded version 3.0 of its HMS (Handover Management System) Web, the IT solution developed by the company itself to manage the commissioning services. The new version has been implemented on the Autonomous Repumping Platform 1 (PRA-1), at the Petrobras work site in Bahia, and is also being customized for Braskem, the first Forship client to acquire a product user license for this software. See more

Petrochemicals is Forship’s New Target 09/05/2006Upon the signing of two contracts with Braskem, this year, Forship is making its debut in the Brazilian petrochemical market and expanding its activity horizons in the engineering and commissioning sector. The contract to provide services for the development and implementation of a Braskem commissioning methodology, with Forship technology, and licensing to use the Forship HMS (Handover Management System) Web commissioning system, marks the outset of a partnership between the two companies that promises to be long and fruitful. See more

HMSWeb 3.0 - A System Mature for the Market 20/02/2006At the beginning of 2006, with new and important resources, Forship Engenharia concluded version 3.0 of its HMSWeb (Handover Management System), the IT solution developed by the company to manage the commissioning services. This new version has been implemented on the Autonomous Repumping Platform 1 (PRA-1), at the Petrobras’ work site in Bahia, and it has been also customized for Braskem, the first Forship’s client to acquire a HMSWeb 3.0 user license as a product. See more

P-43 Produces First Oil 07/03/2005Satisfied with the performance of the team contracted by UTC Engenharia, assigned to the FPSO P-43 platform project, Forship has awarded prizes of DVD players to the 54 employees involved in the production of the "first oil". The objective was achieved at 12:55 on 21st December, within the period established by Petrobras, representing a befitting tribute to the latter's 50th anniversary of activities. See more

Meeting the Challenges of P-50 07/03/2005Forship Engenharia's fulfillment of the contracts signed with its client, Mauá-Jurong, concerning the FPSO P-50 project, has recently become more dynamic upon trimming the command structure. The principal executive will now be the Vice-President of Oil & Gas, Paulo Elias Mendonça, who reassumed his position in February this year. See more

Forship receives Danish diplomats and businessmen 09/12/2004On 4th October, when the delegation from Denmark came to attend the Rio Oil & Gas 2004 event, the Danish Consulate General arranged for 15 representatives to visit Forhip's head office, with the aim of establishing an information exchange. The distinguished guests included Ambassador Christian Kønigsfeldt, Vice-Consul Steffen Skjoldager, and Anne Mette Høiler, representative of the Confederation of Danish Industry. They attended a three-part presentation: Forship - the commissioner; a case study - Platform P-50; and, finally, a market panorama. See more

Forship supports Niterói Fenashore 2005 08/12/2004Along with Forship, various heavyweight companies and institutions are supporting the first Niterói Fenashore - 2005 (International Naval and Offshore Technology Fair and Conference), which is scheduled for 19-22 September 2005. For the first time, Niterói will host an event of great importance in the naval technology area. See more

Singapore Festivities Mark the Conclusion of the P-50 Conversion 28/07/2004The finalization of the Singapore phase of the FPSO P-50 platform conversion project was marked by celebrations. On 29th June 2004, in the Jurong shipyard, the Director-President of Forship, Fabio Fares, and the P50C project team, co-ordinated by Engineer Adilson Araújo, paid a visit to the platform, followed by a commemorative lunch. See more

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